8th week: Why don't I wear lolita more often?

Hello my readers!
This week's question is: Why don't I wear lolita more often?
Actually I used to wear lolita almost every day, but in the end I've realized, that I don't really feel good in it when I'm not wearing it on a meetup or con.
So now I wear lolita only on lolita meetups and some anime conventions here in Czech Republic, and that's the reason why I don't wear it more often.
It's a bit sad, because I have a lot of pieces that I have never worn or some that I had only coordinated once and never more. But I hope that I will be able to wear lolita more often, because in September I'm going to move in another city where the lolita meetups are every month! I'm looking forward to it <3

How often do you wear lolita? Would you like to wear it every day?
Please write me a comment! ~^_^~

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