5th week: My wardrobe turnover

Hello my dear readers! Today I'll continue with the 52 weeks lolita chalenge. I will write something about my wardrobe turnover!

I have to say that my wardrobe changed a lot through the last year. I've started wearing lolita two years ago and I was stuck with buying cheap casual and classic pieces, mostly from the other girls in our comm or in secondhand shops in my town, where I've bought several cutsews and cardigans suitable for casual lolita. I also used to wear lolita almost everyday to school, but I was stuck with really similar outfits as I didn't have many lolita items. The only two JSKs I owned were these two:


Shopping update n. 2

Hello my dear readers! Today I want to show you what I've bought recently.

I've done a lot of shopping in last few weeks, but I also have been selling some things, so I hope that someone will buy them!

So, to my new items:

A month ago I gratuated my highschool. As a motivation I've promised myself that if I'll graduate with very good grades, I'll buy myself one of my dreamdresses. I've ended up buying this Candy Sprinkle salopette!


4th week: Favorite thing to put on my head

Hello my dear followers! Today I have another post from the weekly challenge.
I apologize for not posting here, I was preparing for some exams and I haven't got any time or energy to write here. I hope it will be better from now, because tomorrow is my last exam and then I'll have all the time in the world!
So, what is exactly my favorite thing to put on my head? It was very hard to decide, so I chose three items from my closet to show you!