The Gothic & Lolita & Victorian meetup in Olomouc

Hi guys! In the beginning of July there was a meetup in Olomouc which I went to. It was very hot! It was the hottest weekend in a long time here, it was up to 38°C so I was dying >_< Anyway I've decided to wear gothic lolita (yes yes, I am very brave), because I have one gothic dress that is very light and also has some light colours, not only black. I've decided to not wear a wig (I would probably die by overheat in it), so I was worried a lot about my pink hair clashing with the gothic outfit :D But I think it turned out good.


Etude House Review

Hello! This time I'm gonna share with you my experience with buying cosmetics from Etude House. I've actually received the goods few weeks ago, but I wanted to try it out and experience their effect before I write about them. I also apologize for any mistakes, I haven't used my English for a while, so it may be a bit rusty.

The package arrival
I've ordered the goods on 29th May. On 10th June I've received an email from the customs that my package has arrived. After handling them the appropriate documents about my payment they shipped the package out and I've received it on 15th June.

The price

The products: 30.45 USD
The shipping and handling: 12.28 USD
Custom taxes: 16.92 USD

Total: 59.65 USD

I was a bit disappointed about what I had to pay for the package. The products are quite cheap and I've expected that the shipping won't be exactly cheap, but the taxes just killed it. But that's not the fault of Etude house and it's always a risk that I will have to pay the taxes when ordering something outside the EU.

The package opening
So, finally, to the package!