10th week: How I first found out about Lolita

It was very difficult for me to remember how I first found out about Lolita. I think that the first time I've ever seen someone dressed in Lolita it was around 2009. It was the time I was really interested in anime and my friend brought me to some meetup in Zlin, where I saw Pierrette. I'm really grateful that she was the first person I saw in Lolita, because her outfits are always so good! For me she became the ideal model of Lolita. I still think that her outfits are gorgeous!

Since then I admired almost every girl that was dressed in some kind of Japanese fashion, but I haven't had the money and courage to buy something for myself. In 2010 I visited Animefest for the first time and it was hilarious to see all those kinds of Japanese fashion there! After that I read almost all kinds of blogs about Japanese fashion in Czech Republic.

Finally in 2012 I bought something I could wear! And I think that my first outfits weren't that bad :)



LBC: Personal lolita goals for 2015

Hello! The theme of this week is "Personal lolita goals for 2015".
I have some thoughts what I would like to achieve in lolita in future. Mostly it's about changing my wardrobe a bit!


Christmas lolita meetup in Prague

Hi girls! So last weekend I was in Prague on the biggest meetup here in Czech Republic. It was actually my first time there, but I've enjoyed it a lot!
We traveled with 2 girls from Brno together and we were in the cafeteria where it took place quite early, because one of the girls was making a model for the show. Thanks to that it was a bit chaotic while we arrived there, because all of the organizators were really busy with preparing the meetup.

I've decided to wear a bit OTT sweet outfit, because as I'm not really comfortable wearing it on small meetups or when I have to travel alone, this was a perfect opportunity <3 I took some photos of my outfit in the beginning of the meetup.


OP, socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Antaina
Accessories: Kameko Ichiri, Chocomint, Bijou Brigitte and some other indie brands


LBC: Winter lolita look

I have recently joined the group "Lolita blog carnival". I hope that thanks to that more people will visit my blog and I will also have some inspiration for posts!
This weeks theme is "Winter lolita look". I will show you one of my last outfits from the local meetup in Brno :)
It was cold just a little bit, but the winter hasn't started yet, so I think it will be much worse in the next few months!
We visited Madame Muffin's boutique, sadly it is closed now :( But I've really enjoyed it, it was so cute there :3