Preparing for the Akicon

Hello! Today I had only one class in school so I had a lot of free time. Thanks to that I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I should wear for the Akicon, which will take place in Prague the next week.
I'm definitely sure that I will wear the Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue OP, but as my hair doesn't really match it (or lolita as well), I thought it would be the best time to try my blonde wig I've never worn.
As I bought it in used condition, I had to wash it and I spent an half our brushing it. When I was done, I decided to take some photos in it, and here you can see the results!

But I have an important question for you. I'm not sure which color of circle lenses should I wear. I've tried on blue and grey lenses. Could you please help me?



Shopping update n. 4

Hello! This shopping update will be quite short, but I wanted to show you what I got in the last few weeks, as I'm super excited about some of these things~
I also bought some circle lenses from Pinkyparadise, but I will show them to you soon in separate post <3

Well the package I was most excited about was Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue onepiece with matching wristcuffs and headdress. I bought it in light colorway in spring. The package arrived so late because the items themselves had to be sewn. Unfortunately my style changed a bit over the time and now I wish I could have the dark version of these items :( But also the light one is very nice. I'm going to wear it on Akicon so if you are going to be there, you'll definitely have the chance to see me in this dress!


How to care about your circle lenses

Hello guys!
So today I wanted to share with you how to care about your contact (circle) lenses. I know that about this you can find some post on almost every blog, but it's very important to care about your lenses a lot, because when you don't do it right, you might even lost your eyes! And sometimes when I see what some people do with their contact lenses, I'm really terrified >_<

1. Always wash your hands when manipulating with your lenses. Even if you are going to touch them just for a "brief second" because you only want to adjust them a bit in your eye or you want to get out your lenses for one day use, don't do it with dirty hands! (And believe me, your hands are always dirty when you don't wash them, even if you can't see it). After washing them, dry your hands with a clean towel. This is a very important step so don't skip it!


Kiki's birthday party

Hello! Sorry for the long delay but I was too lazy to write anything, the weather is killing me >.< Last week I was on Kiki's birthday party in a small village near Brno. It was very nice afternoon! Some of the girls stayed there for a sleepover, but I've left in the evening together with Mitsu and Vrana.

We ate some sweets and vegetables and chatted about everything. Kiki got from us a voucher to Madame Muffin's shop and some of us also gave her something small to that. I bought her some earrings :3
The weather was very nice, so we took some photos in front of the greenhouse~

So, here we are! I actually took this photo so I'm not there ~^_^~