Ironfist review

Hello my readers! I've been doing some shopping recently so I will try to do some reviews for you <3

I think that Ironfist is a very known company selling nice clothing etc., but I've decided to do review for Ironfist too. I've ordered some goods from them when they had a summer sale, so I've managed to buy very nice Ironfist's pieces for a good price!

Saturday: I've ordered the goods on this website and paid it with my credit card~
Tuesday: I've received the package~

Everything was packed in one big bag. When I've opened it, I found two boxes (for the shoes) and the dress I've ordered was put in the bag just like that.

Inside the boxes was everything very nicely packed.

And this is what I've ordered!
Those are shoes for my boyfriend. I was very surprised that they came with black and red shoe-laces! The quality is also very good.

And these beautiful shoes are mine! I love the design!

And this is the dress I've ordered.

Unfortunately the sizes of these things were a bit running. From what I've ordered and what Ironfist has on their website, I expected that the shoes for my boyfriend would be fitting perfectly, the shoes for me would be a bit big and that the dress would fit me.
Unfortunately the shoes for my boyfriend are HUGE for him... But he likes them so much that he wears them anyway :D
My shoes are unfortunately small. I can walk in them for a small amount of time, but after a few minutes, my feet hurt and it's getting only worse.
The dress was kind of ok, when I've received it, it was a bit small for me, but since then I've lost some weight so it fits me now and I would say that it's the only item that really fits the measurements.

I was also a bit surprised that Ironfist haven't even let me know if my money arrived to them or if they're shipping my order out, but as it was at my home so quickly, I don't really mind.

Shipping: 5/5
Communication: 4/5 (they haven't communicated with me, but I didn't need it, so... hard to decide)
Quality: 5/5
Sizing: 4/5

Anyway I like what I got for the price. I would definitely buy from Ironfist again, but I would be more cautious about the sizing!

And here one bonus photo of me in my new dress:

Have you ever bought anything from Ironfist?
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