Wardrobe post

As the January is a month of wardrobe posts, I've also decided to do one! So this is how my wardrobe looks like~


Porcelain Doll - Lucky pack opening

Hello! Today I want to share with you what I got in two luckypacks from Porcelain Doll! I bought two packs - a big one with clothing and a smaller one with accessories.

Here's what I found inside!


LBC: How I've Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year

Hello! This is another post to the Lolita Blog Carnival, the only thing that keeps my blog active in the last few weeks~
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but it seems like I'm a really lazy piece of shit >_<

Well at the beginning of the year I was really into OTT sweet lolita. I loved it! Well anyway, I still love it, but I realise that I don't want to wear OTT sweet on every meetup I attend, I don't even want to wear regular sweet lolita all the time. This is from my outfits from January/May (I don't have many photos from these months because I was really busy and it was impossible to attend lolita meetups and I don't wear lolita anywhere else).



LBC: Lolita Holiday Wishlist

So here goes another LBC post! I have a bit more time recently and I have really fallen for LBC. Today is the theme Lolita Holiday Wishlist! I will try to show you my wishlist. As it changes very often, I will try to include mostly the things I want the most and my affection for them currently seems stable xD

1. Crystal Dream Carnival OP in navy + bonnet


Well to be honest, this is more like a very distant dream. I love how the dress looks, but the amount of money it costs is just... ridiculous.