20 facts about me

I've seen this meme on a few blogs lately... So here I have a few facts about me for you!
(For those not interested in knowing anything about me, feel free to skip it.)


9th week: 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Sorry that most of the recent posts on this blog are just from the 52 weeks Lolita challenge, but I'm away for holiday most of the summer, so I don't have any opportunities to wear Lolita. At least I try to keep my blog alive with this challenge!

5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style are definitely these:

I have many items in my wardrobe in various light colors, but somehow I always wear at least a bit of pink in all my outfits! I can't think of more than 5 outfits I wore without the pink color.
I love wearing OTT sweet style! The Bodyline dress with squirrels combined with pink and a lot of accessories was my very favorite outfit, I think that I wore this dress to almost all big anime conventions here in Czech Republic. But as I have sold the dress a few weeks ago, I won't be spamming you with that forever xD But also when I try to do some classic outfit, I always end up wearing a bit of pink.


Natsucon 2014

Hello! Sorry that it took me so long to publish my photos from Natsucon, but I've been travelling for a long time and I didn't have any time to write anything here. Actually I wrote most of the posts somewhere in July, because it would be sad if my blog was dead for so long time!

In August I was on small anime convention called Natsucon. I was very happy that I was there, because the lolita fashion wasn't totally forgotten on this con!

I arrived on Friday around 8 p.m., because I traveled together with my boyfriend and he had to go to work, so we couldn't go earlier. I haven't worn lolita on Friday, as it was dark until we got there and also traveling in lolita makes me uncomfortable. I had just a simple creepy cute outfit with most of the items from Kawaii Machine I reviewed for you not so long ago. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo of this outfit! :( On Friday I haven't even attended any program, mostly I was just chatting with my friends or dancing on DDR. Have you ever tried this music game? Do you like it?

On Saturday I was a model on Lolita Fashion show. Thanks to that I had to get up really early! My boyfriend wasn't very happy when I told him that on Saturday I'm getting up on 6 a.m., but fortunately nobody has been killed and we all live xD
I was representing a country lolita style with this outfit!



Shopping update n. 3

Hello! Today I've decided to share with you my new shopping update! In the last few months I bought many new things, but I've also sold some old pieces. I'm happy with that, because finally I got rid off some things I didn't like and I bought something that would fit more into my wardrobe.

The biggest purchase I've did was this dress! It's Sugary Carnival from Angelic Pretty. I bought it for really cheap, because the dress itself is damaged a bit and also it was short after the Crystal Dream Carnival release, so people were totally mad about that and didn't really care about some old dress like this. I was so happy that I was able to buy it I couldn't believe it! My dream is that I will be also able somewhere in the future to buy Day Dream Carnival and Crystal Dream Carnival, so I will have a pony - carnival collection, but I don't think I will manage it anytime soon, as I had to left my work because I'm moving into college.


Kawaii Machine Review

Hello, my dear readers! After the Ironfist review I have another one for you. This time it will be a review of shop called Kawaii Machine. You can find it on StorenvyEtsy or Facebook.

Order placed & paid: 13. 05. 2014

Kawaii Machine ships some of the goods like the custom made T-shirts and Hoodies from USA, where she paints the design on it, but mostly the other goods come from China. Thanks to that, I've received several packages~

First item that arrived was this skirt:

The skirt arrived just a few days after I've placed my order, so I was very pleasantly surprised!
It was packed very nicely and the quality was good. It was a bit shorter than I've imagined size L would be but that was no big problem.

Quality: 5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5