10th week: How I first found out about Lolita

It was very difficult for me to remember how I first found out about Lolita. I think that the first time I've ever seen someone dressed in Lolita it was around 2009. It was the time I was really interested in anime and my friend brought me to some meetup in Zlin, where I saw Pierrette. I'm really grateful that she was the first person I saw in Lolita, because her outfits are always so good! For me she became the ideal model of Lolita. I still think that her outfits are gorgeous!

Since then I admired almost every girl that was dressed in some kind of Japanese fashion, but I haven't had the money and courage to buy something for myself. In 2010 I visited Animefest for the first time and it was hilarious to see all those kinds of Japanese fashion there! After that I read almost all kinds of blogs about Japanese fashion in Czech Republic.

Finally in 2012 I bought something I could wear! And I think that my first outfits weren't that bad :)



LBC: Personal lolita goals for 2015

Hello! The theme of this week is "Personal lolita goals for 2015".
I have some thoughts what I would like to achieve in lolita in future. Mostly it's about changing my wardrobe a bit!


Christmas lolita meetup in Prague

Hi girls! So last weekend I was in Prague on the biggest meetup here in Czech Republic. It was actually my first time there, but I've enjoyed it a lot!
We traveled with 2 girls from Brno together and we were in the cafeteria where it took place quite early, because one of the girls was making a model for the show. Thanks to that it was a bit chaotic while we arrived there, because all of the organizators were really busy with preparing the meetup.

I've decided to wear a bit OTT sweet outfit, because as I'm not really comfortable wearing it on small meetups or when I have to travel alone, this was a perfect opportunity <3 I took some photos of my outfit in the beginning of the meetup.


OP, socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Antaina
Accessories: Kameko Ichiri, Chocomint, Bijou Brigitte and some other indie brands


LBC: Winter lolita look

I have recently joined the group "Lolita blog carnival". I hope that thanks to that more people will visit my blog and I will also have some inspiration for posts!
This weeks theme is "Winter lolita look". I will show you one of my last outfits from the local meetup in Brno :)
It was cold just a little bit, but the winter hasn't started yet, so I think it will be much worse in the next few months!
We visited Madame Muffin's boutique, sadly it is closed now :( But I've really enjoyed it, it was so cute there :3


Akicon 2014

Hello! Sorry for the big delay but I waited for like eternity to have all of my photos from Akicon, so I could write this post ~^_^~
Finally I have them all so I hope you will like them!

I've arrived to Prague on Friday, but I've been on the Akicon for just a brief moment, I only wanted to pick up my ticket and then I went to the bar Knoflik. It was Halloween so there was a big Halloween party! Most of the people came in costumes, I really liked what KK had. She always looks so awesome!

As I don't own any scary costumes at all, I decided to wear gothic lolita.



Preparing for the Akicon

Hello! Today I had only one class in school so I had a lot of free time. Thanks to that I've spent a lot of time thinking about what I should wear for the Akicon, which will take place in Prague the next week.
I'm definitely sure that I will wear the Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue OP, but as my hair doesn't really match it (or lolita as well), I thought it would be the best time to try my blonde wig I've never worn.
As I bought it in used condition, I had to wash it and I spent an half our brushing it. When I was done, I decided to take some photos in it, and here you can see the results!

But I have an important question for you. I'm not sure which color of circle lenses should I wear. I've tried on blue and grey lenses. Could you please help me?



Shopping update n. 4

Hello! This shopping update will be quite short, but I wanted to show you what I got in the last few weeks, as I'm super excited about some of these things~
I also bought some circle lenses from Pinkyparadise, but I will show them to you soon in separate post <3

Well the package I was most excited about was Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue onepiece with matching wristcuffs and headdress. I bought it in light colorway in spring. The package arrived so late because the items themselves had to be sewn. Unfortunately my style changed a bit over the time and now I wish I could have the dark version of these items :( But also the light one is very nice. I'm going to wear it on Akicon so if you are going to be there, you'll definitely have the chance to see me in this dress!


How to care about your circle lenses

Hello guys!
So today I wanted to share with you how to care about your contact (circle) lenses. I know that about this you can find some post on almost every blog, but it's very important to care about your lenses a lot, because when you don't do it right, you might even lost your eyes! And sometimes when I see what some people do with their contact lenses, I'm really terrified >_<

1. Always wash your hands when manipulating with your lenses. Even if you are going to touch them just for a "brief second" because you only want to adjust them a bit in your eye or you want to get out your lenses for one day use, don't do it with dirty hands! (And believe me, your hands are always dirty when you don't wash them, even if you can't see it). After washing them, dry your hands with a clean towel. This is a very important step so don't skip it!


Kiki's birthday party

Hello! Sorry for the long delay but I was too lazy to write anything, the weather is killing me >.< Last week I was on Kiki's birthday party in a small village near Brno. It was very nice afternoon! Some of the girls stayed there for a sleepover, but I've left in the evening together with Mitsu and Vrana.

We ate some sweets and vegetables and chatted about everything. Kiki got from us a voucher to Madame Muffin's shop and some of us also gave her something small to that. I bought her some earrings :3
The weather was very nice, so we took some photos in front of the greenhouse~

So, here we are! I actually took this photo so I'm not there ~^_^~


20 facts about me

I've seen this meme on a few blogs lately... So here I have a few facts about me for you!
(For those not interested in knowing anything about me, feel free to skip it.)


9th week: 5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style

Sorry that most of the recent posts on this blog are just from the 52 weeks Lolita challenge, but I'm away for holiday most of the summer, so I don't have any opportunities to wear Lolita. At least I try to keep my blog alive with this challenge!

5 keywords that describe my personal Lolita style are definitely these:

I have many items in my wardrobe in various light colors, but somehow I always wear at least a bit of pink in all my outfits! I can't think of more than 5 outfits I wore without the pink color.
I love wearing OTT sweet style! The Bodyline dress with squirrels combined with pink and a lot of accessories was my very favorite outfit, I think that I wore this dress to almost all big anime conventions here in Czech Republic. But as I have sold the dress a few weeks ago, I won't be spamming you with that forever xD But also when I try to do some classic outfit, I always end up wearing a bit of pink.


Natsucon 2014

Hello! Sorry that it took me so long to publish my photos from Natsucon, but I've been travelling for a long time and I didn't have any time to write anything here. Actually I wrote most of the posts somewhere in July, because it would be sad if my blog was dead for so long time!

In August I was on small anime convention called Natsucon. I was very happy that I was there, because the lolita fashion wasn't totally forgotten on this con!

I arrived on Friday around 8 p.m., because I traveled together with my boyfriend and he had to go to work, so we couldn't go earlier. I haven't worn lolita on Friday, as it was dark until we got there and also traveling in lolita makes me uncomfortable. I had just a simple creepy cute outfit with most of the items from Kawaii Machine I reviewed for you not so long ago. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo of this outfit! :( On Friday I haven't even attended any program, mostly I was just chatting with my friends or dancing on DDR. Have you ever tried this music game? Do you like it?

On Saturday I was a model on Lolita Fashion show. Thanks to that I had to get up really early! My boyfriend wasn't very happy when I told him that on Saturday I'm getting up on 6 a.m., but fortunately nobody has been killed and we all live xD
I was representing a country lolita style with this outfit!



Shopping update n. 3

Hello! Today I've decided to share with you my new shopping update! In the last few months I bought many new things, but I've also sold some old pieces. I'm happy with that, because finally I got rid off some things I didn't like and I bought something that would fit more into my wardrobe.

The biggest purchase I've did was this dress! It's Sugary Carnival from Angelic Pretty. I bought it for really cheap, because the dress itself is damaged a bit and also it was short after the Crystal Dream Carnival release, so people were totally mad about that and didn't really care about some old dress like this. I was so happy that I was able to buy it I couldn't believe it! My dream is that I will be also able somewhere in the future to buy Day Dream Carnival and Crystal Dream Carnival, so I will have a pony - carnival collection, but I don't think I will manage it anytime soon, as I had to left my work because I'm moving into college.


Kawaii Machine Review

Hello, my dear readers! After the Ironfist review I have another one for you. This time it will be a review of shop called Kawaii Machine. You can find it on StorenvyEtsy or Facebook.

Order placed & paid: 13. 05. 2014

Kawaii Machine ships some of the goods like the custom made T-shirts and Hoodies from USA, where she paints the design on it, but mostly the other goods come from China. Thanks to that, I've received several packages~

First item that arrived was this skirt:

The skirt arrived just a few days after I've placed my order, so I was very pleasantly surprised!
It was packed very nicely and the quality was good. It was a bit shorter than I've imagined size L would be but that was no big problem.

Quality: 5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5


Ironfist review

Hello my readers! I've been doing some shopping recently so I will try to do some reviews for you <3

I think that Ironfist is a very known company selling nice clothing etc., but I've decided to do review for Ironfist too. I've ordered some goods from them when they had a summer sale, so I've managed to buy very nice Ironfist's pieces for a good price!

Saturday: I've ordered the goods on this website and paid it with my credit card~
Tuesday: I've received the package~

Everything was packed in one big bag. When I've opened it, I found two boxes (for the shoes) and the dress I've ordered was put in the bag just like that.


8th week: Why don't I wear lolita more often?

Hello my readers!
This week's question is: Why don't I wear lolita more often?
Actually I used to wear lolita almost every day, but in the end I've realized, that I don't really feel good in it when I'm not wearing it on a meetup or con.
So now I wear lolita only on lolita meetups and some anime conventions here in Czech Republic, and that's the reason why I don't wear it more often.
It's a bit sad, because I have a lot of pieces that I have never worn or some that I had only coordinated once and never more. But I hope that I will be able to wear lolita more often, because in September I'm going to move in another city where the lolita meetups are every month! I'm looking forward to it <3

How often do you wear lolita? Would you like to wear it every day?
Please write me a comment! ~^_^~


7th week: Why I wear lolita?

This week I had to face a question - Why I wear lolita?

I have many reasons why I wear lolita!


6th week: My favorite Lolita brand

Hi! This is another post from the 52 weeks lolita challenge.

So, what lolita brand is my favorite?

This is a very hard question for me, because I love several lolita brands!

The brand I probably love the most is Porcelain Doll, which is czech indie brand. I have many beautiful pieces from this brand and I love them all! There are some skirts I own (sorry for the crappy picture, it's from my wardrobe post):


Porcelain Doll Tea Party in Olomouc

Hello! A while ago I was at the Porcelain Doll Tea Party with exhibition of Rabbitheart's pictures.

I liked this tea party a lot! It took place in Olomouc. First we were in the tea house for some time and then we went to the shop, where also the exhibition was. Pierrette and Ophelia said something about the exhibition. It was very interesting to know that all of the pictures were actually pictures of PD's products!

Here are we waiting for the opening:


Metamorphose Luckypack Opening (and Review)

Hello! Today I've received Metamorphose Summer Lucky Pack I've ordered about week ago!

First I had some problems with the order, because Metamorphose requires the money to come in one day, and although I paid on my Paypal immediately after making the order, it lasted a little bit for the money to come on the Metamorphose bank account and they canceled my order and sent the money back to me.
On the second try, I send them an email with request not to cancel my order if the money doesn't come in time. They did it, so I was able to buy my Luckypack!
It's pretty easy to communicate with them and track the status of your order (at least once you register on their site)!

Communication: 5/5

23. 6. LP ordered
25. 6. LP shipped out
28. 6. LP in czech customs
30. 6. customs received all documents they needed
2. 7. LP came to my home <3
As you can see, the shipping was really fast! I was expecting some problem at czech customs, but everything came out fine, they even didn't open my package (I'm surprised about that, because they ALWAYS open my packages, it seriously starts bothering me), although I had to pay some fee. But Metamorphose included to the package all the documents needed, so all I had to do was sign a document that I allow czech post to handle my package.
Shipping: 5/5

So, to the package!


5th week: My wardrobe turnover

Hello my dear readers! Today I'll continue with the 52 weeks lolita chalenge. I will write something about my wardrobe turnover!

I have to say that my wardrobe changed a lot through the last year. I've started wearing lolita two years ago and I was stuck with buying cheap casual and classic pieces, mostly from the other girls in our comm or in secondhand shops in my town, where I've bought several cutsews and cardigans suitable for casual lolita. I also used to wear lolita almost everyday to school, but I was stuck with really similar outfits as I didn't have many lolita items. The only two JSKs I owned were these two:


Shopping update n. 2

Hello my dear readers! Today I want to show you what I've bought recently.

I've done a lot of shopping in last few weeks, but I also have been selling some things, so I hope that someone will buy them!

So, to my new items:

A month ago I gratuated my highschool. As a motivation I've promised myself that if I'll graduate with very good grades, I'll buy myself one of my dreamdresses. I've ended up buying this Candy Sprinkle salopette!


4th week: Favorite thing to put on my head

Hello my dear followers! Today I have another post from the weekly challenge.
I apologize for not posting here, I was preparing for some exams and I haven't got any time or energy to write here. I hope it will be better from now, because tomorrow is my last exam and then I'll have all the time in the world!
So, what is exactly my favorite thing to put on my head? It was very hard to decide, so I chose three items from my closet to show you!


Shopping update n. 1

Hello! Today I want to present you my first shopping update! At the beginning of this month I was on the anime convention Animefest and I bought there a few things, so I have to share it with you :)



3rd week: What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Hello! Today I have another post from the 52 week challenge for you <3 This time it's unfortunately not really long :(


Lolita birthday party in Brno

On Sunday I was at Eliška's birthday party in Brno. It was a lolita garden party and I loved it!

The dresscode was of course lolita and everyone was dressed so nice! Here you can see our group photo~


Small lolita meetup in Zlin

Hello, my dear readers!
Today I'll write about small lolita meetup in my town.

On Wednesday we were with few other girls and two boys in tea house called Moja. It's a lovely place!
It was very small meetup and only three people came dressed in lolita, because it was in the middle of the week and many of us went straight from work or from school.

It was so hot that day! The sun was shining a lot and it was almost 30° C outside, so it wouldn't be really comfortable to wear long socks or JSK. (Actually I really admire Pierrette that she could stand it to wear these tights for the whole day...)

This is the photo of my outfit:


Pinky Paradise Review (Circle lenses + face masks)

Hello! I'm sure you all know this site, where circle lenses are sold. Today you can read my review of this shop and three types of circle lenses with some good lens water and face masks!

A few months ago me and my friend decided to order some circle lenses from the site Pinky Paradise.
She ordered 3 pair of circle lenses and I've order also 3 pair and some face masks. Therefore, our order was over 130 USD, so we got free shipping! I've also written to pinkyparadise if they could send us the package as a gift, but no reply came.

On Monday, I placed and paid the order.
On Tuesday, email from pinkyparadise came, saying that the packge was shipped.
On Thursday, postman rang on my door bell with the package. I didn't have to pay any tax because Pinkyparadise send it to me as a gift!


2nd week: 5 movies for Lolitas

Well, that will be pretty hard because I don't like movies much (mostly I've seen only some Marvel or fantasy movies), but I'll try to think of the best films for lolitas <3

1. Alice in Wonderland
There are many adaptations of this film, but I dare say that the best is the one from Tim Burton, I love it :) The animation has a creepy - cute feeling <3


Angelic Pretty: Cosmic Series

Hello my dear readers! Today I had to write this post to share this new Angelic Pretty serie with you. I instantly fell in love with this design!

The name is "Cosmic series" :) According to the pictures and statements of some buyers, it has the same cut (and I would say it's also made of similar, if not the same material) as Dream Sky :)


Animefest 2014

Last week I was at czech anime convention called Animefest. I would like to share photos of my outfits with you!

This was what I intended to wear on Friday (alongside with tons of accessories and my pink wig).


My lolita wishlist I

Hello my dear readers! I would like to introduce you my wishlist. You could see the list on my czech blog a few months ago, but I want to post it also here!

Angelic Pretty: Candy Sprinkle Set


1st week: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

Come here to see more!

1. nice and puffy petticoat
I really fancy this petti made by Porcelain Doll. Although I've never had it, I've seen it on few girls and I have to say that it's one of the nicest petticoats I've ever seen. It has a pretty design, so it could even be worn as an usual skirt, and it is quite puffy!
I have actually 5 petticoats. One from Bodyline, which I don't use as a petticoat because it's not really big, but I use it for my fairy kei outfits. One handmade by me, which looks terrible! I hate that peace, I should burn it and throw it away XD Than I have two petticoats from czech indi brand Navika. I wouldn't recommend buying petticoats from her, both of them died when I first wore them for one day. >.< But one has a pretty lace so I like to wear it. The last of my petticoats is the best one. I bought it secondhand and it is partly made not from fabric, but from some kind of maybe clap-net? But it's a petticoat that will never die <3

Closet Confidential - Lolita Edition!

Answer all Seven questions below in word or photo-form;
1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
2. What is the newest item?
3. What is the most expensive item?
4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item?
5. What was the biggest bargain?
6. What was the biggest waste of money?!
7. What are your three favorite items right now?

1. The oldest item in my wardrobe is probably this JSK from BTSSB.
I don't know from which year it is, but I would guess it's at least 4 years old, maybe even older. I couldn't find its name anywhere and I bought it secondhand, so I'm not sure >.< If any of you would know it, please let me know!
My friend found it for me, it's from year 2007, even older than I thought!


52 weeks lolita challenge

Hello! To keep my blog active I've decided to do this lolita blog challenge :) I don't know whether I will be able to post these every week but I will try to. I hope you'll enjoy it! <3



I've decided to create a new blog. This one will be written in English <3 I'm afraid that from time to time I will make some mistakes, so feel free to correct me! :)
I hope that after my maturita exam I will be able to post here regularly.
Some of the posts here will also be published on my blog written in czech: http://loupakanko.blogspot.cz/
And I have also a tumblr channel here: http://loupakanko.tumblr.com/