Shopping update n. 1

Hello! Today I want to present you my first shopping update! At the beginning of this month I was on the anime convention Animefest and I bought there a few things, so I have to share it with you :)



3rd week: What my own Lolita lifestyle is like

Hello! Today I have another post from the 52 week challenge for you <3 This time it's unfortunately not really long :(


Lolita birthday party in Brno

On Sunday I was at Eliška's birthday party in Brno. It was a lolita garden party and I loved it!

The dresscode was of course lolita and everyone was dressed so nice! Here you can see our group photo~


Small lolita meetup in Zlin

Hello, my dear readers!
Today I'll write about small lolita meetup in my town.

On Wednesday we were with few other girls and two boys in tea house called Moja. It's a lovely place!
It was very small meetup and only three people came dressed in lolita, because it was in the middle of the week and many of us went straight from work or from school.

It was so hot that day! The sun was shining a lot and it was almost 30° C outside, so it wouldn't be really comfortable to wear long socks or JSK. (Actually I really admire Pierrette that she could stand it to wear these tights for the whole day...)

This is the photo of my outfit:


Pinky Paradise Review (Circle lenses + face masks)

Hello! I'm sure you all know this site, where circle lenses are sold. Today you can read my review of this shop and three types of circle lenses with some good lens water and face masks!

A few months ago me and my friend decided to order some circle lenses from the site Pinky Paradise.
She ordered 3 pair of circle lenses and I've order also 3 pair and some face masks. Therefore, our order was over 130 USD, so we got free shipping! I've also written to pinkyparadise if they could send us the package as a gift, but no reply came.

On Monday, I placed and paid the order.
On Tuesday, email from pinkyparadise came, saying that the packge was shipped.
On Thursday, postman rang on my door bell with the package. I didn't have to pay any tax because Pinkyparadise send it to me as a gift!


2nd week: 5 movies for Lolitas

Well, that will be pretty hard because I don't like movies much (mostly I've seen only some Marvel or fantasy movies), but I'll try to think of the best films for lolitas <3

1. Alice in Wonderland
There are many adaptations of this film, but I dare say that the best is the one from Tim Burton, I love it :) The animation has a creepy - cute feeling <3


Angelic Pretty: Cosmic Series

Hello my dear readers! Today I had to write this post to share this new Angelic Pretty serie with you. I instantly fell in love with this design!

The name is "Cosmic series" :) According to the pictures and statements of some buyers, it has the same cut (and I would say it's also made of similar, if not the same material) as Dream Sky :)


Animefest 2014

Last week I was at czech anime convention called Animefest. I would like to share photos of my outfits with you!

This was what I intended to wear on Friday (alongside with tons of accessories and my pink wig).


My lolita wishlist I

Hello my dear readers! I would like to introduce you my wishlist. You could see the list on my czech blog a few months ago, but I want to post it also here!

Angelic Pretty: Candy Sprinkle Set


1st week: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

Come here to see more!

1. nice and puffy petticoat
I really fancy this petti made by Porcelain Doll. Although I've never had it, I've seen it on few girls and I have to say that it's one of the nicest petticoats I've ever seen. It has a pretty design, so it could even be worn as an usual skirt, and it is quite puffy!
I have actually 5 petticoats. One from Bodyline, which I don't use as a petticoat because it's not really big, but I use it for my fairy kei outfits. One handmade by me, which looks terrible! I hate that peace, I should burn it and throw it away XD Than I have two petticoats from czech indi brand Navika. I wouldn't recommend buying petticoats from her, both of them died when I first wore them for one day. >.< But one has a pretty lace so I like to wear it. The last of my petticoats is the best one. I bought it secondhand and it is partly made not from fabric, but from some kind of maybe clap-net? But it's a petticoat that will never die <3

Closet Confidential - Lolita Edition!

Answer all Seven questions below in word or photo-form;
1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
2. What is the newest item?
3. What is the most expensive item?
4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item?
5. What was the biggest bargain?
6. What was the biggest waste of money?!
7. What are your three favorite items right now?

1. The oldest item in my wardrobe is probably this JSK from BTSSB.
I don't know from which year it is, but I would guess it's at least 4 years old, maybe even older. I couldn't find its name anywhere and I bought it secondhand, so I'm not sure >.< If any of you would know it, please let me know!
My friend found it for me, it's from year 2007, even older than I thought!


52 weeks lolita challenge

Hello! To keep my blog active I've decided to do this lolita blog challenge :) I don't know whether I will be able to post these every week but I will try to. I hope you'll enjoy it! <3



I've decided to create a new blog. This one will be written in English <3 I'm afraid that from time to time I will make some mistakes, so feel free to correct me! :)
I hope that after my maturita exam I will be able to post here regularly.
Some of the posts here will also be published on my blog written in czech: http://loupakanko.blogspot.cz/
And I have also a tumblr channel here: http://loupakanko.tumblr.com/