The Gothic & Lolita & Victorian meetup in Olomouc

Hi guys! In the beginning of July there was a meetup in Olomouc which I went to. It was very hot! It was the hottest weekend in a long time here, it was up to 38°C so I was dying >_< Anyway I've decided to wear gothic lolita (yes yes, I am very brave), because I have one gothic dress that is very light and also has some light colours, not only black. I've decided to not wear a wig (I would probably die by overheat in it), so I was worried a lot about my pink hair clashing with the gothic outfit :D But I think it turned out good.

I am quite pleased with the photos, which is mostly thanks to the awesome Kristyna, check out her photography page, she's just awesome <3

Anyway, at first I visited the Porcelain Doll shop and bought this thingy~

It's very nice and elegant, I can't wait to wear it with some dress <3

The rest of the day we spent in the teahouse. I've chatted with some other lolitas and generally had a lot of fun :3

And here are some other photos of my outfit~


Thanks for reading! <3
Write me what you think about this outfit in the comments please~

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