Etude House Review

Hello! This time I'm gonna share with you my experience with buying cosmetics from Etude House. I've actually received the goods few weeks ago, but I wanted to try it out and experience their effect before I write about them. I also apologize for any mistakes, I haven't used my English for a while, so it may be a bit rusty.

The package arrival
I've ordered the goods on 29th May. On 10th June I've received an email from the customs that my package has arrived. After handling them the appropriate documents about my payment they shipped the package out and I've received it on 15th June.

The price

The products: 30.45 USD
The shipping and handling: 12.28 USD
Custom taxes: 16.92 USD

Total: 59.65 USD

I was a bit disappointed about what I had to pay for the package. The products are quite cheap and I've expected that the shipping won't be exactly cheap, but the taxes just killed it. But that's not the fault of Etude house and it's always a risk that I will have to pay the taxes when ordering something outside the EU.

The package opening
So, finally, to the package!

It arrived in a simple box with the Etude House logo on it. Let's look inside :3

Everything was wrapped in a bubble foil so the items wouldn't get damaged.

1. My Beauty Tool Brush
The first thing I've ordered was this toolbrush.

I bought it for my roommate. She says that it's great and you can draw the lines with it very easily.

2. Silk Scarf Damage 2X Avocado Seed hair mask
The next item is Avocado Seed hair mask.

My experience: It's great and my hair was soft and silky after the use. There is also a lot of the product, I have shoulder length hair and I could apply it twice. What I didn't like was that after applying it my hair was a bit more greasy than usual, but it wasn't visible, I've noticed it only when I touched my hair.
I would probably buy again, but I would try something else then the Avocado seed choice.

Verdict: 4.5/5

3. Silk Scarf Hair Treatment
My hair is damaged a lot, so I wanted to buy also some another treatment which I could use everytime I wash my hair. In the end I've decided to get Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

My experience: I absolutely love this product. It smells very nicely, it reminds me of some citruses? My hair is very smooth after the use and I can brush it easily. It also doesn't feel so damaged. I would definitely buy again!

Verdict: 5/5

4. Oh Happy Day Hand Bouqet (Sugar)
I'm used to carrying handcream with me all the time, because I have very dry hands, so I also ordered Oh Happy Day Hand Bouqet (Sugar).

My experience: It smells very nicely and reminds me of peaches. Also the tube is very cute and fits into any purse easily. But I have very dry hands and this doesn't really help me. I would recommend it for someone with normal/a bit dry skin, but for people with really dry skin it's not very useful. I'm not going to buy this product again.

Verdict: 4/5

5. Every Month Cleansing Foam
The next thing I ordered was Every Month Cleansing Foam (#6, Tea Tree Oil) which is for troubled skin (and that I have. A lot).

My experience: My skin is very problematic and this product helped me a bit, but I know other cleansing foams that were better for me, so I probably wouldn't buy it again. It smells like Tea Tree Oil a lot, so if you don't like that smell, don't buy it xD I personally love the smell of Tea Tree Oil, so I like the way this product smells. I wouldn't recommend it for you if you have normal or dry skin as it dries the skin a lot, some moisturising face cream is a must-have with this product. But if you have troublesome skin it definitely helps, I have visibly less acne after using this for a month!

Verdict: 4.5/5

6. Moistfull Aloe Cream
I was looking for some moisturising cream that wouldn't be so heavy as most of the creams sold here, so I've decided to buy this one.

This contains the cream itself + the essence.
My experience: It's very hard to get the essence out of the bottle, which is the only thing I dislike. Otherwise the product is very good! Both the essence and the cream soaks into the skin fast and my skin is smooth after the applying. It's also not heavy, so exactly what I was looking for. I'm definitely going to buy this again!

Verdict: 4.5/5

And this is all I've ordered from Etude House. Overall I'm satisfied with what I bought and some of the items I'm definitely going to buy again!

If you have any questions about the products, just ask in the comments :3

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