4th week: Favorite thing to put on my head

Hello my dear followers! Today I have another post from the weekly challenge.
I apologize for not posting here, I was preparing for some exams and I haven't got any time or energy to write here. I hope it will be better from now, because tomorrow is my last exam and then I'll have all the time in the world!
So, what is exactly my favorite thing to put on my head? It was very hard to decide, so I chose three items from my closet to show you!

I love both of those two headbows! The left one is from Rabbit Heart and the right one is from Original Sin, but I bought it in Porcelain Doll shop in Olomouc <3
Actually I haven't got the opportunity to wear the Rabbit Heart headbow because it's quite extravagant, but I'm looking forward when I will be finally able to wear it!
The one from Original Sin I wear quite often as it matches really well with most of my summer dresses <3

There is the third thing I would like to show you:

I'm totally in love with these adorable miniclips <3 I bought them at Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna, they're so cute <3

Anyway, this will be all from me for today. I will try to make a new post ASAP!

Did you like this one? Please write me a comment! ~^_^~

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