Shopping update n. 2

Hello my dear readers! Today I want to show you what I've bought recently.

I've done a lot of shopping in last few weeks, but I also have been selling some things, so I hope that someone will buy them!

So, to my new items:

A month ago I gratuated my highschool. As a motivation I've promised myself that if I'll graduate with very good grades, I'll buy myself one of my dreamdresses. I've ended up buying this Candy Sprinkle salopette!

When it first arrived in my mail I was really furious, because the seller didn't mention that she has pets, and the dress was LITERALLY covered in cat's hair. It was really disgusting, but I've managed to clean it and now it looks good! I love the print, there are so many nice details!



I still don't know if I should keep this salopette. It's beautiful but I am apparently not the type for salopettes, I have too big boobs for them >.< Anyway, here is a quick coord:

I also had to buy a shorter petticoat, because all of my petticoats were showing under this dress. It's a Bodyline's petticoat I bought secondhand, but it's really lovely.

I also bought a lavender skirt with suspenders, and some purple x black creepers, but I forgot to take a picture of the shoes. I hope I'll be able to write a review as soon as the rest of the things from the shop arrives!

This is a blouse I bought on a meetup, it's super adorable! I love the strawberries buttons <3

These two things I bought at the local secondhand shop, I think they would go awesome with some of my classic outfits!


This is a skirt from MM, but I'm not sure about keeping it, it's a bit big for me. But maybe I'll alter it and keep it, I'm not sure yet~

I also bought new blouse from Bodyline, I'll be selling the old one. This isn't much nicer, but suits me better :)

And the last are these cute accessories! I just couldn't resist :3 I have also some necklace with pony, but again, I forgot to take a photo ._. I especially like the hair clip, it's so cute~

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