5th week: My wardrobe turnover

Hello my dear readers! Today I'll continue with the 52 weeks lolita chalenge. I will write something about my wardrobe turnover!

I have to say that my wardrobe changed a lot through the last year. I've started wearing lolita two years ago and I was stuck with buying cheap casual and classic pieces, mostly from the other girls in our comm or in secondhand shops in my town, where I've bought several cutsews and cardigans suitable for casual lolita. I also used to wear lolita almost everyday to school, but I was stuck with really similar outfits as I didn't have many lolita items. The only two JSKs I owned were these two:

The red JSK is from Bodyline, I still own it. It's nice for country lolita and I could also imagine it in some hime outfit, but I've never liked this style, so I'm definitely not going to do it.
The second JSK is a replica of Baby The Stars Shine Bright from Little Chilli Lolita Shop.
Through the time I've realised that I don't want any replicas in my wardrobe. I am totally okay with shoes replicas (really, brand shoes are made from the same material like Secret shop's or Bodyline's, but they cost 100 USD more?), but otherwise I don't support them.
Now I have definitely more peaces in my wardrobe. In the future I might sell some of those more casual ones, because I don't get to wear lolita everyday (I could, but it just doesn't suit me anymore) and I don't want to wear casual lolita clothing on meetups or conventions.
I also want to buy more brand pieces and definitely sell the Bodyline I have. The only thing from Bodyline I would like to keep is this one:

I also have some fairy kei pieces but I feel like I will be selling most of them. I like fairy kei, but I never got to wear it and I hardly think I ever would, so those need to go to.

I also thought that maybe I could implement some brown to my wardrobe. Still sweet, but a little bit brown... I really started to appreciate the design of these beauties, so maybeee one day I'll buy something like that:


I've also started to realise that I don't have many basics in my wardrobe. I literally always have the same outfit, only wear different skirt/JSK with it :( So I've promised to myself that I will stop buying dresses and skirts for a while and I will invest into some shoes (my old ones are falling apart, almost ALL OF THEM), bags and blouses. ~^_^~
The biggest problem with changing my wardrobe is that I really like the pieces I have or I have some memories bound with it, so I always tend to be a bit nostalgic. But if I want to buy something new, I have to sell something old - not only because of the money but also because my wardrobe is so FULL I can't fit any more clothing into it!

I hope you liked this post, please write me a comment! <3

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