6th week: My favorite Lolita brand

Hi! This is another post from the 52 weeks lolita challenge.

So, what lolita brand is my favorite?

This is a very hard question for me, because I love several lolita brands!

The brand I probably love the most is Porcelain Doll, which is czech indie brand. I have many beautiful pieces from this brand and I love them all! There are some skirts I own (sorry for the crappy picture, it's from my wardrobe post):

I love the most the skirt on the right. It's called Antique Rose Bouqet and it's adorable!
The other two are also very nice, but unfortunately I haven't had the time to wear them a lot. But I have planned some coordinates for them so I hope I'll be able to wear them soon <3
I also own a few other pieces from Porcelain Doll. I love this indie brand not only for the beautiful designs, but also for very nice customer care! Porcelain Doll organizes from time to time a tea party, I've attended some of them and I loved them.

My favorite lolita japanese brand is definitely Angelic Pretty

I'm in love with most of their designs, unfortunately I don't own many things from this brand, as it is quite expensive. But I have a few pieces at home so I can say that the quality is awesome!
Here you can see some designs I adore the most:

The Day Dream Carnival skirt

Sweet Cream House JSK

Print from Candy Sprinkle series

So, what is you favorite lolita brand? Do you like more indie brands or japanese brands?
Please write me a comment!

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