Metamorphose Luckypack Opening (and Review)

Hello! Today I've received Metamorphose Summer Lucky Pack I've ordered about week ago!

First I had some problems with the order, because Metamorphose requires the money to come in one day, and although I paid on my Paypal immediately after making the order, it lasted a little bit for the money to come on the Metamorphose bank account and they canceled my order and sent the money back to me.
On the second try, I send them an email with request not to cancel my order if the money doesn't come in time. They did it, so I was able to buy my Luckypack!
It's pretty easy to communicate with them and track the status of your order (at least once you register on their site)!

Communication: 5/5

23. 6. LP ordered
25. 6. LP shipped out
28. 6. LP in czech customs
30. 6. customs received all documents they needed
2. 7. LP came to my home <3
As you can see, the shipping was really fast! I was expecting some problem at czech customs, but everything came out fine, they even didn't open my package (I'm surprised about that, because they ALWAYS open my packages, it seriously starts bothering me), although I had to pay some fee. But Metamorphose included to the package all the documents needed, so all I had to do was sign a document that I allow czech post to handle my package.
Shipping: 5/5

So, to the package!

I was really excited at this point. This is something I was expecting to be in the package, as I saw some pictures on Metamorphose website and also some openings of this pack:

I wasn't really thrilled about the long sleeve blouses, because I prefer short sleeve ones, but I fell in love with those skirts, so I was hoping in something like this. Especially the third combination was something I was really hoping for.

So, when I opened the package, huge disappointment came, because almost the whole luckypack is BLACK. As I wear only sweet lolita (and I also have a few classic pieces, but only in light colours), it was a bit shock. This is the content of my luckypack:

The blouse is made of nice and comfortable material, although I'm not sure what it is. The skirt has also one layer inside from the same material, which I think is really practical. There were some small flaws, I find a few fibrils sticking out from the blouse, but otherwise it was fine.

Big barette, which I probably won't wear, because I have too short hair to clip it in.

Adorable fluffy bonbons, they don't really match with my wardrobe, but I like them!

Detail of the OTK print

Detail of the skirt print

Quality: 5/5

So, at this point I was almost sure that those fluffy bonbons will be the only item I will keep, because the rest is unsuitable for my wardrobe. I was hoping that maybe some girl would want to trade this for the light version of the luckypack. But I've decided to give it a chance and at least try the items on, so I would know if they fit me or not, mostly because I wanted to try my luck again sometime and Meta has on these luckypacks mostly the same measurements.

So, this is the outfit:

(Sorry for my face and hair, I just got out from the shower).
It's a bit strange, but I totally fell in love with those items in the moment I put it on. It suits me perfectly! I was surprised how the blouse fits me, because my breast is usually too large for medium sized blouses, but when I buy a large one, I look gross in it.

I feel so elegant in this clothing, it's very different from the type of lolita I usually wear, but I love it! I will have to buy some matching bag to it (probably also black) and I will have to craft some matching accessories, but I'm totally ok with it. So in the end I going to keep the whole luckypack!
Maybe I will sell the big bow in the future, but just now I'm not sure about it.
I love the luckypack and the next time Metamorphose will release one, I will definitely buy it too!

Btw, I'm too lazy to search these items on lolibrary, but if anyone would know the names of it, I would be glad if you would share it with me ^_^

What do you think, does the black suit me? Have you ever ordered some luckypack and were you happy with what you get? Please write me a comment~


  1. Ó, ty věci jsou všechny nádherné! Je sice pravda, že v černé Tě moc často nevídám, ale i tak Ti tato kombinace sluší. (^_-)

    1. Děkuju! Je to pro mě strašně divné, ale cítím se v tom fakt dobře. Já se snad nakonec přeorientuju na jiný styl :DDD

  2. Your lucky pack is beautiful! I LOVE that skirt (the print is just absolutely gorgeous) and the socks with the little snowflakes are so cute! I'm glad you ended up liking them after all!

    1. Thanks! I'm also glad it came out like that, I love it ~^_^~

  3. Ta sukně je překrásná *__* Chytili ti LP na celnici nebo prošel bez problémů? Jednou bych taky nějaký chtěla, ale bojím se toho problému se clem :(

    1. Dekuju ^^ Ja mam bohuzel vetsinou smulu a obzvlast drazsi baliky mi vzdycky odchyti. Clo bylo, pokud si dobre pamatuju, okolo 800 Kc, takze me LP nakonec vysel na zhruba 3400 Kc :)
      Rekla bych, ze jedina ucinna moznost, jak se vyhnout clu, je sehnat si nekoho v japonsku, kdo by byl ochotny ti to poslat se snizenou hodnotou, popripade jako darek. Jinak japonske obchody nesnizuji ceny baliku, protoze je to u nich protizakonne, a malokdy se stane, ze si celnice nejakeho vetsiho baliku z japonska nevsimne - obzvlast protoze znacky vzdycky prikladaji dokumenty o cene baliku primo na nej, aby to celnici snadno nasli, coz je pro nas trosku problem no :/

  4. Gothic Lolita really suits you! Surprisingly :D It makes you wonder that if you opened your mind a little bit more, there might be more Lolita opportunities out there for you.. I kind of like Victorian Maiden style Classic, but I don't think it's for me. Maybe it would be, if I tried it out?

    Congratulations on your newfound Lolita love :)

    1. Oooh thank you!
      Well I don't think that my wallet would like it XD In the past I loved Victorian Maiden classic dresses, but now I'm not really sure about it. But I still have a big crush on tiny floral patterns on dresses, so I am open minded for classic xD But when I'm wearing classic I like to be a bit excentric (at least with one piece in the outfit), because if I don't do that, I usually feel like someones grandmother :D
      But gothic, that's definitely a new love for dark and elegant clothing <3

      Thanks! ^^

  5. sooo cute, I was thinking to buy this lucky pack, but I was afraid it came closer as the picture, but it's so much cuter^^

    if this outfit really doesn't fit your wardrobe, and you're thinking about selling it, talk to me, cause I'm really interested^^

    1. Well I think it was worth it, thanks! <3 Anyway I'm definitely not thinking about selling it, because it's so pretty :D