Porcelain Doll Tea Party in Olomouc

Hello! A while ago I was at the Porcelain Doll Tea Party with exhibition of Rabbitheart's pictures.

I liked this tea party a lot! It took place in Olomouc. First we were in the tea house for some time and then we went to the shop, where also the exhibition was. Pierrette and Ophelia said something about the exhibition. It was very interesting to know that all of the pictures were actually pictures of PD's products!

Here are we waiting for the opening:

We were in the first group of visitors for the shop. There weren't many people but still there wasn't nearly any place inside, as the shop itself is quite small and our petticoats were big xD

My favorite one was this picture. Do you also like it?

In the shop I bought a few things!

I was actually a bit sad, because I wanted to buy some skirt from BTSSB that Pierrette was selling in her shop, but it wasn't there anymore. But instead of it, I bought a new Kera magazine and pink flower headclip, which looks so cute!

I also tried this hat from Victorian Catherine, it was cute and very nice, but I felt kind of funny in it.

But the girl that tried it then was just born for it xD

For this occasion, I wanted to wear something from both Porcelain Doll and Rabbit Heart, so in the end I've ended up wearing an outfit very similar to one of my previous.

Sorry for the flying hair, it was really windy and it also rained a bit, so it's kind of miracle that those photos came out so good looking like that.

What do I wear?

Blouse: Metamorphose
Skirt: Porcelain Doll
Shoes: Secret Shop
Bag: Underground Galaxy
Headwear: Rabbitheart
Accessories: Chocomint, handmade, offbrand

Because I didn't know many people that were coming to the tea party, I came there with my boyfriend. He was actually pretty excited about it. We also took some photos together and in the end he made the same pose as me on all my recent photos. I had to laugh, this photo is just perfect!

I also took some photos with Ophelia herself, because we were both wearing antlers.

I loved the way most of people were dressed on the tea party. Mostly it was the colour black, so not really my style, but they all looked so elegant! Here are a few group photos...
With the owner of the tea house Sofie~

The second group~

And my group~

I've really enjoyed the day, it was awesome! I hope that there will be many PD's tea parties in the future, because I always love it <3

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