Kawaii Machine Review

Hello, my dear readers! After the Ironfist review I have another one for you. This time it will be a review of shop called Kawaii Machine. You can find it on StorenvyEtsy or Facebook.

Order placed & paid: 13. 05. 2014

Kawaii Machine ships some of the goods like the custom made T-shirts and Hoodies from USA, where she paints the design on it, but mostly the other goods come from China. Thanks to that, I've received several packages~

First item that arrived was this skirt:

The skirt arrived just a few days after I've placed my order, so I was very pleasantly surprised!
It was packed very nicely and the quality was good. It was a bit shorter than I've imagined size L would be but that was no big problem.

Quality: 5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5

The next one were those shoes:

They arrived week after my order.
Those shoes were a small disappointment for me. They weren't packed very good and the box was ripped off on several places, but that could be just fault of the post. Anyway, those shoes are very uncomfortable and in poor quality, you can clearly see from the picture that those black parts are not the same on each shoe.

Quality: 3/5
Shipping and packing: 4/5

Next item was this dress!

When the package came, I couldn't believe that the dress was in it. It was so small! It also arrived a week after I've placed the order, so the shipping was very quick.

The dress seems nice, but there are again some quality issues. What really bothers me that one part of the collar is bigger than the other one. But otherwise the dress is very beautiful!

Quality: 4.5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5

The last item I've ordered was custom made T-shirt with this print:

It was said on the website that it might take a bit longer to send the T-shirt, as it has to be made. I've waited for weeks but nothing has happened. Then I've send a pm on Storenvy to Kawaiimachine if she knows tracking number of this package. She send it to me, but I've realized that the tracking number from USA stops functioning after the package leaves the states. So after checking the number the only thing I knew was that my package is outside of the states.
Thanks to that and the quality of Czech post, I haven't been able to pick up the package on my local post, because they haven't notified me that it came, and the package was shipped back to the USA. But Kawaiimachine was very friendly and she agreed to ship the T-shirt again, and after a while it arrived to me safely.

The T-shirt itself has a very nice print, although I worry that it will fade a bit after washing.

Quality: 5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5 (as the problems came only from the post)

Overall I was quite pleased with Kawaiimachine and I would order there again, but I would avoid those things coming from the China sellers probably, because of the quality of the items.

Communication: 5/5
Quality: 4.5/5
Shipping and packing: 5/5

And here the photo of me wearing my new items!


  1. I think that all theese "creepers" have always poor quality... But everything looks great! I love the skirt! :)

    1. Yeah, for the price I kind of expected bad quality, but sincerely not THAT bad :D