LBC: Lolita Holiday Wishlist

So here goes another LBC post! I have a bit more time recently and I have really fallen for LBC. Today is the theme Lolita Holiday Wishlist! I will try to show you my wishlist. As it changes very often, I will try to include mostly the things I want the most and my affection for them currently seems stable xD

1. Crystal Dream Carnival OP in navy + bonnet


Well to be honest, this is more like a very distant dream. I love how the dress looks, but the amount of money it costs is just... ridiculous.

2. Sweet Cream House colar JSK in caramel

I also like the other versions/colours and I hope I will be able to get at least one of them, I think that this design is really lovely.

3. Anything with chocolate print


The chocolate theme looks so pretty in lolita! I think about getting something with chocolate in the print, but I can't say which design is my favourite, because I love all of them so much <3

4. Some AP skirt


This looks so nice. I don't know why, but I have the feeling that I must have it.

5. Some dark pieces

I actually don't have anything particular in my mind (but this skirt is really nice), I just have the feeling that I need more dark colours in my wardrobe.

6. Tiered Day Dream carnival JSK in white

Well that should be all. I hope that you liked it! And don't forget to check out the other LBC blogs!


  1. Lovely wishlist, good luck with obtainig all of your dream items! :3

  2. Nice wishlist ♥ The navy dress is so amazing! *__* I hope, one day you'll get all of your dream items! Good luck♪♫
    BTW: Sweet Cream House is one of my dream print too XD I love the design of the JSK!

    1. Thank you! I would be happy if I could buy at least a few of these items ^_^
      Yes, it's so cute but not ott... I've seen Amai wear it for a few times and it looked great, although she has the salopette I think ^^