LBC: How I've Changed In Lolita Over The Last Year

Hello! This is another post to the Lolita Blog Carnival, the only thing that keeps my blog active in the last few weeks~
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but it seems like I'm a really lazy piece of shit >_<

Well at the beginning of the year I was really into OTT sweet lolita. I loved it! Well anyway, I still love it, but I realise that I don't want to wear OTT sweet on every meetup I attend, I don't even want to wear regular sweet lolita all the time. This is from my outfits from January/May (I don't have many photos from these months because I was really busy and it was impossible to attend lolita meetups and I don't wear lolita anywhere else).


The time I went a bit more classic has begun in the summer with these outfits!


It still has a hint of sweet, but I like it much more!

And on the last few meetups/cons I've discovered the power of dark colours....


I have to say that in classic/gothic I feel more confident than in sweet, so I would like to change my wardrobe a bit more in this direction. But still I'm not going to give up on sweet totally, because I still adore that style and sometimes I just want to feel cute and run around all dressed up in pink <3

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  1. I think you can pull off any look, but gothic looks really stunning on you! I envy your ability to put together lovely coords for any style :)

    1. Thank you! Well and still my coords don't look as perfect as I would like, but I will never be satisfied :D

    2. I think every lolita feels that way about their outfits! By the way, I read your blog post last month about your lolita goals for 2015, and you said about how you don't have many followers and worry about writing in English - I meant to leave a comment then saying not to worry, because I really enjoy your blog, you have many more followers than me, and there's no problem with your English :) I hope you blog more in 2015!

    3. Yes, this is a common lolita syndrom :D
      Oooh thanks, I'm really glad to hear it! Especially the part about my English, I always worry that it's terrible >_< And good luck with your blogging <3