Wardrobe post

As the January is a month of wardrobe posts, I've also decided to do one! So this is how my wardrobe looks like~

I keep in this wardrobe all of my lolita items except for shoes and accessories.

Let's begin with the dresses!

Left: Bodyline
Right: Bodyline

Those two were one of my first dresses. I still have them because they're cute, although I've tried to get rid off most of my Bodyline pieces, these had to stay!

Left: Angelic Pretty
Right: Innocent World

I've always wanted to have the Sugary Carnival JSK, but I saw the OP for a very good price, so I bought it instead of the JSK.
The Dolce JSK on the right is sweet, but very elegant and the print of cards and sweets is very original and adorable~

Right: Bunny House

My blue dresses! I don't wear blue so often, so I consider selling one of these, but I'm not really sure about it. I like the oldschool look of the left one and the JSK on the right is very cute, because there are little airplanes which glow in the dark <3

Left: Krad Lanrete
Right: Classy Lady

The Lost in Sea Blue OP on the left was my dreamdress, so I've ordered the second release of it. Now I'm a bit sorry that I haven't bought the dark version, because my taste has changed a bit and it would suit me more. But I still love it!
The flower dress on the right was the ideal combination of classic and sweet for me, as it is very elegant but the colours are cute. I especially like the pink lace.

Left: Porcelain Doll
Right: Sleeping Doll

These are the newest dresses in my wardrobe. I've received the left one in a luckypack from Porcelain Doll and I can't wait to wear it! It's from a very light fabric, so I will probably wear it in summer. The one on the right is more heavier and I think more gothic-like, I bought only a few weeks ago, but it was love on the first sight.

The next are my skirts! I love skirts, but unfortunately I don't wear them often, because I don't feel really confident in most of my blouses. But I hope that I will be able to buy blouses that suit me more this year, so I could wear skirts more!

Left: Porcelain Doll
Right: Porcelain Doll

The one on the right is my favourite skirt! I love the print and the lace, it's very elegant :3

Left: Sleeping Beauty
Right: Kameko Ichiri

Left: Porcelain Doll
Right: HMHM

I love the design of the HMHM skirt. It's also made from a kind of heavy fabric, so it's great for winter coords!

Left: Bodyline
Right: Metamorphose

My gothic skirts! Actually with the left one begun my love for gothic, as I received it in a lucky pack from Metamorphose. I haven't wear any dark colours in that time but I felt so elegant in this skirt that I immediately started buying more and more darker things!

Let's get to the tops - blouses, cutsews and cardigans!

Left: Angelic Pretty
Middle: Metamorphose
Right: Offbrand

I love the one on the right, it has very cute strawberries buttons and strawberries on the collar! <3

Left: Metamorphose
Middle: Angelic Pretty
Right: Bodyline

The blue one from AP is very lovely, I like the brooch that is attached to it. The blouse itself has very cute details, so it's one of my favourite.

Left: Porcelain Doll
Right: Bodyline

I think of selling both of these, they're very cute and I like them a lot, but I don't wear them very often >_<

Left, middle, right: offbrand

All of them are from local secondhand shops. I've actually never worn the peignoir ._.

Left, right: Offbrand
Middle: Shirley Temple

And at last the outerwear!

Left: Orsay
Right: Bodyline

As I am not very tall, the Bodyline one is a bit long for me, so I'm thinking about going to seamstress to make it shorter...

Left: Offbrand
Right: Bodyline

The Bodyline vest was actually a coat, but the sleeves were too short for the previous owner, so she had them cut off. But it's still very cute and I love wearing it in the autumn :3

Left: Magic Tea Party
Right: offbrand

The thing on the right is actually a cardigan, but I couldn't fit it in any other picture with the cardigans, sorry >_<
The left one is very cute and comfortable, I would love to have a similar designed coat also in pink or white colour, because it's what suit me the most...

And here are the shoes and bags~

From left to right: Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline, Bodyline, Antaina, Secret Shop, Antaina, Antaina

The blue bag is Angelic Pretty, everything else is offbrand!

And let's get to the accessories!

This is where I store most of my accessories! Sorry for those kawaii-speaker-chans xD I live in a flat that is not mine and I couldn't throw them away, so I at least made them cute :D

I also store some of the accessories inside of my wardrobe!







Flower headdresses~

Another headdresses~




Up: Offbrand
Down (left to right): Porcelain Doll, Bodyline, Porcelain Doll, Innocent World, Bodyline


Up (left to right): AP, AP, AP, Metamorphose, offbrand
Down (left to right): AP, BTSSB, AP, offbrand, AP


 Up (left to right): offbrand, offbrand, 6%DokiDoki
Down: All Calzedonia

Stuff I forgot to include in the previous photos, sorry '.'

There are not all of my accessories as I have some of them at the college and some of them at home, so I wasn't able to take a photo of all of them!
Sorry for the quality of the photos, I've made them with a rock ._.

I hope you've enjoyed the wardrobe post <3


  1. You have a lovely wardrobe! Thanks for sharing, I like how you use your accessories to make the most of decorating :)

    1. Thank you! I think that accessories can change outfit a lot, so I'm really aimed on buying them a lot ~^_^~