Two gothic outfits

Hello dears!
In my last post I've promised sharing two more outfits with you.

I've actually worn the first one in the winter, but I didn't have any time to share it with you! I absolutely adore the photo, the light and snow and everything is just perfect <3 I just wish I had a different hair there, but I didn't want to take a wig that day, because they're really uncomfortable and I had a bad headache in the morning.


Blouse: Metamorphose
JSK: Sleeping Doll

The second outfit is from last week. I was doing a model for Porcelain Doll, and I decided to go there dressed in something simple, yet lolita, so I could just change the skirt for the photos and I wouldn't scare any civilians on my way to the place where we made the photos :D


Blouse: Metamorphose
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline

I love the cross I'm wearing. It's actually a bit old, I was told that it was initially my great-grandmothers! It's missing one stone, but I love its simple look and also that it was something that belonged to the women I know only from my mums childhood stories.

Anyway, have a nice day and let me know what do you think about these outfits!

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