Shopping update n. 1

Hello! Today I want to present you my first shopping update! At the beginning of this month I was on the anime convention Animefest and I bought there a few things, so I have to share it with you :)


I bought the two on the top in some anime shop that was at animefest. I don't know where they're from, but they're extra cute, I like them <3
The one with horns is extra adorable! It's from the shop Rabbit Heart. I saw it on the website of the Porcelain Doll shop in Olomouc and I immediatly know that I have to buy this. It's so awesome <3
The second one is from the shop Classy Lady. I bought it to match my new dress.


The white pair in the middle is from Porcelain Doll, the rest is secondhand.


 One floral JSK from Classy Lady. I love it, I can't wait to wear it in some fancy country coord! I was so excited about it I had to immediatly try it on:

 And here's the second dress:

It has a lovely floral pattern:

Bought secondhand. I don't know if I'd wear them lot. They show almost my whole back and I don't feel really comfortable with that. Maybe it'll work with some jacket/cardigan?

Pink parasol:

Also bought secondhand.

And shoes!

They're from Antaina. I've ordered them for the Hello Kitty cosplay we had with my boyfriend, but I'm definitely going to keep them. They'll be awesome for winter!


  1. Božské šaty od Classy Lady ♥_♥ a ta čelenka s parůžkama....awww :3


    1. Jo, taky nad tím úplně slintám :3 Díky ^^