Shopping update n. 3

Hello! Today I've decided to share with you my new shopping update! In the last few months I bought many new things, but I've also sold some old pieces. I'm happy with that, because finally I got rid off some things I didn't like and I bought something that would fit more into my wardrobe.

The biggest purchase I've did was this dress! It's Sugary Carnival from Angelic Pretty. I bought it for really cheap, because the dress itself is damaged a bit and also it was short after the Crystal Dream Carnival release, so people were totally mad about that and didn't really care about some old dress like this. I was so happy that I was able to buy it I couldn't believe it! My dream is that I will be also able somewhere in the future to buy Day Dream Carnival and Crystal Dream Carnival, so I will have a pony - carnival collection, but I don't think I will manage it anytime soon, as I had to left my work because I'm moving into college.

I also bought these shoes from Secret Shop. Most of my shoes are starting to fall apart, so I'm trying to get some new ones. These would be perfect for some hime outfit! <3

Another new item in my wardrobe is this cardigan from Shirley Temple Cute. I needed some lolita cardigan for a long time, as I have only one that is fitting this style and the other ones are cardigans I mostly got in local shops etc and they don't really look like lolita item.

This is actually an item that gave me my boyfriend's mother and sister after my graduation of high school. It's so cute! <3 It was also filled with delicious marshmallows, I loved it!

I have actually no idea why I bought this gold purse. Maybe for some future outfits combined with gold? But as much as I love sweet colors x gold outfits, this is the only gold item I have. But I guess everyone has to start somewhere....

This black bag I bought mostly for school, but maybe I will also use it in some lolita outfits. Do you think it's a good idea?

This is a very small bag with a picture of Jack from Nightmare before Christmas from Tim Burton. I love it!

I've also ordered something from ebay for the first time! I have three pairs of these skeleton hands in three colors.

Because I didn't have anything to match with my items from the Metamorphose Luckypack, I bought these two headwears. The upper one is from HMHM and the second one I bought on Akicon <3 I love both of them, although it's very new style for my wardrobe!

What about you, have you bought anything nice recently? ~^_^~

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