How to care about your circle lenses

Hello guys!
So today I wanted to share with you how to care about your contact (circle) lenses. I know that about this you can find some post on almost every blog, but it's very important to care about your lenses a lot, because when you don't do it right, you might even lost your eyes! And sometimes when I see what some people do with their contact lenses, I'm really terrified >_<

1. Always wash your hands when manipulating with your lenses. Even if you are going to touch them just for a "brief second" because you only want to adjust them a bit in your eye or you want to get out your lenses for one day use, don't do it with dirty hands! (And believe me, your hands are always dirty when you don't wash them, even if you can't see it). After washing them, dry your hands with a clean towel. This is a very important step so don't skip it!

2. Put the makeup on after putting your circle lenses in your eye. This way you will avoid any mascara etc. ending up on your lenses.

3. First wash your makeup off, then put out your lenses. Again, this way you will avoid your lenses getting dirty from the makeup.

4. Don't store your lenses in tap water! Always use appropriate contact lens cleaning solution. If you want your lenses extra clean, you can use once or twice a week solution with hydrogen peroxide, but read the directions carefully, so you wouldn't hurt your eyes.

5. Don't even wash the lens case with tap water! Again, with anything that gets in contact with your lenses, everything wash just with the cleaning solution, of course except your hands, which you have to dry properly. This is very important, because in water live a lot of microorganisms that would like to eat your whole eye...

6. Change the lens case every month. Again, this will help to prevent spreading the microorganisms all over your circle lenses.

7. Change your lenses every three months. Even if the shop says it's for one year, they're not. Lenses disposable for one year actually doesn't exist, it's just about the country they're sold in. For example you can get "lenses for one year" in Korea, but the exact same lenses are sold in Japan as a "three months disposable". And it doesn't matter if you don't use them every day, because when you use them for the first time, they're contaminated with microorganisms and again, you don't want that to get in your eye, do you? So throw them out after 3 months, it's for your own good.

8. Clean each contact by rubbing it gently with cleaning solution with your finger in the palm of your other hand.

9. If your eyes feel dry, buy some eye drops, but ask for some you can use while wearing the lenses.

10. Enjoy your cute look and don't forget to upload some reviews of your lenses to help other users!

I hope this post was helpful, have you learnt something new? Have I forgot something important? If so, don't be afraid to share your tips in the comments~

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