Kiki's birthday party

Hello! Sorry for the long delay but I was too lazy to write anything, the weather is killing me >.< Last week I was on Kiki's birthday party in a small village near Brno. It was very nice afternoon! Some of the girls stayed there for a sleepover, but I've left in the evening together with Mitsu and Vrana.

We ate some sweets and vegetables and chatted about everything. Kiki got from us a voucher to Madame Muffin's shop and some of us also gave her something small to that. I bought her some earrings :3
The weather was very nice, so we took some photos in front of the greenhouse~

So, here we are! I actually took this photo so I'm not there ~^_^~

The theme for this birthday party was "Autumn". I didn't know what to wear to match it so I wore my skirt from Porcelain Doll, which has a little print of marmelade, strawberries and wild-briers. I actually wasn't really satisfied with my outfit, I felt a bit fat and ugly in that >_< Also it looked kind of weird because now my hair don't match lolita outfits at all. I have some wigs at home but I think they also look weird on me so I'm a bit stuck here...

Blouse, bag: Angelic Pretty
Skirt: Porcelain Doll
Socks: Secret Shop
Bow: Lorinoko
Vest, shoes: Bodyline

The others looked so pretty! I loved all of their outfits <3

And Kiki herself!

After taking these photos we sat in the garden and played a fairy tale game, it was very funny.

I really enjoyed this day! What about you, have you been on some meetups recently?

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