Shopping update n. 4

Hello! This shopping update will be quite short, but I wanted to show you what I got in the last few weeks, as I'm super excited about some of these things~
I also bought some circle lenses from Pinkyparadise, but I will show them to you soon in separate post <3

Well the package I was most excited about was Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue onepiece with matching wristcuffs and headdress. I bought it in light colorway in spring. The package arrived so late because the items themselves had to be sewn. Unfortunately my style changed a bit over the time and now I wish I could have the dark version of these items :( But also the light one is very nice. I'm going to wear it on Akicon so if you are going to be there, you'll definitely have the chance to see me in this dress!

The matching items are also very cute! <3

Unfortunately I don't have any matching tights, so I hope I will find something before the Akicon.

I also bought this HMHM skirt from a girl in my comm. I want to have more brown in my wardrobe!

Ironfist had really big sales on their website last month (at least here in Czech Republic), so I haven't resist and bought a gorgeous set of dress, bag and shoes! And I also bought a watch to match some of my creepy cute outfits ^^

Here a closeup of the print:

I hope you've enjoyed the post! Do you like the items I bought?

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