LBC: Personal lolita goals for 2015

Hello! The theme of this week is "Personal lolita goals for 2015".
I have some thoughts what I would like to achieve in lolita in future. Mostly it's about changing my wardrobe a bit!

1. Blog more and get more followers!
I was trying to do that even this year, but it's a bit difficult. I don't have time to blog on regular basis and it's sometimes a bit hard for me, because English is not my native language and I worry all the time if I don't write in it really bad! I don't have any problems with understanding English, but when it comes to using it actively it's hard for me >_< I would be really glad if I would manage to take some English class, but I'm not sure if I will have money and time for it.
Anyway, I think that my Tumblr grows without any big care from me. Currently I have 75 followers and sometimes my posts are lucky and end up with 100+ notes. With this blog it's a bit harder, because I have only 12 followers, so I have the feeling that I write mostly for myself :D But I don't mind, it's a hobby for me and I don't need to be mad about not having hundreds of followers or something like that :)

2. Sell pieces from my wardrobe I don't wear
This will be a bit hard for me. I kind of need the money but I can't get myself to sell even the pieces I don't wear! For example this JSK:

It's cute and all but I have it almost for a year and I've worn it only on one meetup and I don't think I will be wearing it more often in the next few months.

3. Get more classic accessories!
I own a few classic dresses/skirts, but I think that I don't have enough accessories. The OTT classic is now a thing (and I love it), so I don't want to miss it! I would like to get a bonnet and maybe more flower headbands. I don't use them very often, but I love the way they look <3 Now I own only 4 classic headbands and I want moooore! This one is definitely my favorite~

4. Buy more dark prints~
Recently I've started to like darker outfits as well. I'm not into the really really gothic ones, but I do love most of the AatP designs! I hope I will be able to buy something from this brand <3 Although I have no particular dreamdress in my mind, so pheraphs I will buy some luckypack? Or something cheap secondhand? I don't know yet, but I'm sure that I will think of something!


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