1st week: 5 pieces that every Lolita wardrobe should have, regardless of style

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1. nice and puffy petticoat
I really fancy this petti made by Porcelain Doll. Although I've never had it, I've seen it on few girls and I have to say that it's one of the nicest petticoats I've ever seen. It has a pretty design, so it could even be worn as an usual skirt, and it is quite puffy!
I have actually 5 petticoats. One from Bodyline, which I don't use as a petticoat because it's not really big, but I use it for my fairy kei outfits. One handmade by me, which looks terrible! I hate that peace, I should burn it and throw it away XD Than I have two petticoats from czech indi brand Navika. I wouldn't recommend buying petticoats from her, both of them died when I first wore them for one day. >.< But one has a pretty lace so I like to wear it. The last of my petticoats is the best one. I bought it secondhand and it is partly made not from fabric, but from some kind of maybe clap-net? But it's a petticoat that will never die <3

2. Some nice and simple blouse that would fit most of the outfits <3

3. Comfortable shoes also fitting as much outfits as possible
When you have a good lolita outfit with some shoes from a local store, usually it doesn't look good, especially in styles like sweet lolita...
4. Bloomers!
Nothing makes you feel cute like nice bloomers under your skirt <3 Although noone will probably see them, it's good to know that you have them and it makes you feel more lolita-ish xD
I have this cutie from Porcelain Doll:

5. One hillarious item that you love and feel good in it.
Whether it is your first JSK, your dreamdress or a skirt you've sewed, it's important to have a favorite piece in your wardrobe that you really love!
I can't decide what is this for me. Maybe it is this skirt also from Porcelain Doll:

I've longed for it for a long time and I love it! Unfortunately I haven't had many occasions to wear it but I hope I will be able to do so more in the future.

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