Pinky Paradise Review (Circle lenses + face masks)

Hello! I'm sure you all know this site, where circle lenses are sold. Today you can read my review of this shop and three types of circle lenses with some good lens water and face masks!

A few months ago me and my friend decided to order some circle lenses from the site Pinky Paradise.
She ordered 3 pair of circle lenses and I've order also 3 pair and some face masks. Therefore, our order was over 130 USD, so we got free shipping! I've also written to pinkyparadise if they could send us the package as a gift, but no reply came.

On Monday, I placed and paid the order.
On Tuesday, email from pinkyparadise came, saying that the packge was shipped.
On Thursday, postman rang on my door bell with the package. I didn't have to pay any tax because Pinkyparadise send it to me as a gift!

It was very quick and without problems. The package was neatly packed (unfortunately I don't have any photos).

Communication: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5

To the goods!

This is how my eyes look like without circle lenses:

My first order were these Vassen Trinity Grey lenses.
Lovely, aren't they? In the left you can see the side that sticks to your eyeball, in the right how the lens should look like.

Circle lens only on one eye for comparision:

And on both eyes (with makeup):

As you can see, they have a HUGE enlargement. The diammeter is 14,5 mm.
They aren't very natural, but looks very dolly-like!
Unfortunately I have very sensible eyes and almost all lenses are a bit itchy for me. But these are itchy A LOT.
Design and colour: 5/5 (I love it!)
Enlargement: 5/5
Comfort: 4/5
Naturalness: 3.5/5 (They're not really natural, but I wasn't looking for naturaly looking pair xD)

The second pair I got were these Vassen Jewel Blue.

On one my eye:
On both eyes:

Uuuuugh, I don't like them. They aren't natural at all. Actualy, when I wear them, I feel like this guy from Game of Thrones:

So, these are a land of nope for me. I've bought them so I could wear them with my pink wig, because my dark eyes are with the wig a bit harsh combination, I've intended to soften it a bit with these lenses. But it doesn't look good at all, not even with the wig. The colour is so unnatural, I've never seen someone with this eye colour... But, at least they're quite comfortable.

Design and colour: 3/5 (but it's perfect for some cosplay of a White Walker)
Enlargement: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Naturalness: 2/5

I was really unsatisfied with these. I think I would never wear them :(

The third pair I got were these Vassen Sweet Eye Green
On one of my eyes:
On both eyes:

I wanted these for casual wear. They're perfect! They are very comfortable, the colour is natural and the enlargement is exactly what I wanted to have for everyday wear so I wouldn't freak out my classmates. And as I wear mostly in my daily life green and dark blue clothing, it goes perfectly with these lenses. I love them! <3 But usually I choose another makeup, this lavender colour doesn't suit them.

Design and colour: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5
Comfort: 5/5
Naturalness: 5/5

Here I have my whole face with all these circle lenses:

What do you think? Which of them suit me the most?

Aside from the circle lenses, I've ordered some face masks from My Beauty Diary:
Aloe Mask
Arbutin Mask
Cooling Mask
Ginseng Mask
America Soothing Pack
Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Each of them costs about 2 USD. I would say that they're all the same, I haven't know any difference about them xD But they're comfortable! I've enjoyed wearing them!
It's not a classic lotion but a textil mask soaked in some lotion. I had to wear a tissue on my bust so the lotion wouldn't drop on my T-shirt, because the mask was full of it!
The best was America Soothing pack, because aside from the mask itself it contained some lotion you should wear after taking off the mask. My skin was so smooth after it!

When I was ordering the package, I put in some code for free gift I've found on internet. As a gift came a few of these pads!

First didn't have any idea what they're for. Fortunately there were written directions and also some pictures on the other side!
It surprised me that it was written in English, because all the instructions on face masks I've ordered were in Japanese.
So, I've learnt that you put these pads on your face under the eyes and it should remove the wrinkles and dark circles. I don't have any wrinkles (yet), but with the upcoming final exams the dark circles under my eyes are huge, so I've decided to try it.
It smelled like cucumber and it was soooo great! You should wear it for 30 minutes or through your sleep. I was very sad when I had to take them off, because it felt so good!
Anyway, I have no idea if it helped to remove the dark circles under my eyes, but it was so comfy I have to buy these patches again!

I also got free case for every lens I've ordered!

I also wanted to recommend you some of the lens water I use. (I didn't bought it at pinkyparadise, but in some shop in my town). I use two types:
This is the usual water lens solution. I've tried several ones because my eyes are so sensible and this fits me the best!

Because I wear circle lenses that are disposable for one year, I have to take extra care of them. Because of that, I use (usually once a week) this special solution:
It's solution made from hydrogen peroxid, which disintegrates to oxid and water. The oxid get out from the lens case and in the case remains only water. It's a bit more expensive than a normal solution, but it's totally worth it! But you have to be careful and not put the lenses into your eye when the peroxid hadn't disintegrate or it will burn like hell.

In the end I would like to share these tips with you. Although some of you may not know it, there are very important steps you should do (or maybe not to do) while you're wearing eye lenses. I am very aware of these dangers, because before circle lenses I used to wear contact lenses and I was instructed by my eye doctor how should I care about them and my eyes. But unfortunately many circle lenses users don't know this yet, so please if you're using lenses, be sure that you're doing it good!

Did you like this review? Please write me a comment! <3


  1. Oh, I love the first one! They are cute and creepy and perfect! But I have still this uncomfortabe feeling about circe lenses that I just feel so strange to speak with someone who is wearing them (but just if they are unnatural) :D

    1. Thank you! :)
      Oh I can get that, sometimes circle lenses can be really creepy and scary xD

  2. I love the green one! They look great in your eyes! You are such a cutie! ^^

    1. Thank you! The green pair is totally the best :)