Closet Confidential - Lolita Edition!

Answer all Seven questions below in word or photo-form;
1. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
2. What is the newest item?
3. What is the most expensive item?
4. What is the cheapest/most affordable item?
5. What was the biggest bargain?
6. What was the biggest waste of money?!
7. What are your three favorite items right now?

1. The oldest item in my wardrobe is probably this JSK from BTSSB.
I don't know from which year it is, but I would guess it's at least 4 years old, maybe even older. I couldn't find its name anywhere and I bought it secondhand, so I'm not sure >.< If any of you would know it, please let me know!
My friend found it for me, it's from year 2007, even older than I thought!

2. It's hard to say what is the newest item in my wardrobe, as I've bought many things on the anime convention last weekend. But I would say that it could be this dress from czech indie brand Classy Lady <3 (I'll probably write a review for it soon!)

3. The most expensive item in my wardrobe is definitely this set from Innocent World - Dolce JSK, headbow and socks. I bought it secondhand maybe a year ago from Lolitadesu. But in few months I think I will have even more expensive set in my wardrobe, because I've ordered Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue onepiece with wristcuffs and headbow!

4. The cheapest item in my wardrobe (if I don't count accessories etc.) was definitely this skirt. I have even matching headbows and wristcuffs and the whole set costed about 5 € XD

5. The biggest bargain in my closet are probably those shoes. I bought them secondhand, they were quite cheap and the fit me perfectly, I love them! Unfortunately I wear them so often that they're starting to fall apart and I'm afraid they won't survive next few meetups. I'll have to buy a new pair!

6. The biggest waste of money was probably this petticoat from Czech indie brand Navika. After one day of wearing it, it totally died. And it's not even nice to wear as an ordinary skirt... I hate it >.<

7. My three favorite items right now are definitely these:
Antique Rose bouqet from Porcelain Doll (You can find it on this address, I love PD items, especially from older collections)
Angelic Pretty headbow I bought on the anime convention last week
Rabbit Heart headbeand with flowers and little horns, it's gorgeous! (You can find her shop here)

So, this is all from me. I hope you liked this post, please write me a comment! Thank you! <3


  1. I see why the petticoat didn't last. It didn't seem to have much volume in the first place. petticoats should not be flat like that. like, at all. hopefully you didn't spend too much on it.

    your wardrobe must be very consistent with its color palette; everything matches.

    1. Yes, I know. It was one of my very first lolita purchases and fortunately it didn't cost much, now I have two beautiful and full petticoats <3
      Thank you for your comment! :)

  2. The BTSSB sax JSK is this one from 2007 ^.^