Lolita birthday party in Brno

On Sunday I was at Eliška's birthday party in Brno. It was a lolita garden party and I loved it!

The dresscode was of course lolita and everyone was dressed so nice! Here you can see our group photo~

Eliška, who had birthday, looked that day cute and pretty! ~^_^~


Also the other girls had awesome outfits~

As you can see, Vrana even had a towel, because it was the international Towel Day!

I was surprised how good it looked like with her outift xD It's funny, I would never think that I would see a lolita outfit with towel as an accessory!

Kiki made another photo without her legs, I think that soon she will be well known for these :D

And Mitsu looked sweet as always!

Unfortunately I don't have individual photos of the rest of us, because not everyone wanted to be photographed alone.

The weather was sunny a lot, but our table was hidden in the shadows, so we weren't hot. But I've almost died while I was on my way to Eliška's home, because I quit the bus on the wrong stop and I had to walk a lot until I got to the right street, it was a hell >.< So after I got to the garden, I was happiest about all the water I could drink there, although in this photo it seems otherwise xD

But I've enjoyed the party a lot, it was great! We also have some really funny photos :D

This one is hillarious! It's like "Oh god she has the dress I wanted!" :D

Llamas are getting more and more favourite in lolita community!

Eliška also baked a lot for us!

And finally, here's my outfit for this day:

JSK: Classy Lady
Blouse: Metamorphose
Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks: H&M
Headwear: Original Sin
Brooch: Porcelain Doll
I love the way how this outfit looks like, I felt really good in it! The JSK from Classy Lady is just gorgeous ^^

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