2nd week: 5 movies for Lolitas

Well, that will be pretty hard because I don't like movies much (mostly I've seen only some Marvel or fantasy movies), but I'll try to think of the best films for lolitas <3

1. Alice in Wonderland
There are many adaptations of this film, but I dare say that the best is the one from Tim Burton, I love it :) The animation has a creepy - cute feeling <3

2. Some Disney movie
I love the fairy tale Anastasia and I'm sad that just few people remember it. You should watch it!

3. Pride and Prejudice
I think I don't have to explain this one, it's just awesome :D

4. Kamikaze Girls
I don't like this movie and I can't get how can people adore it so much. But it IS a film that every lolita should see. (and it's full of nice dresses)
5. Sweeney Todd
I thought about more Jane Austin films, Harry Potter movies or Downton Abbey serie, but... well... I like this more. There are nice dresses. And singing. It's about love and revenge. Doesn't it sound like some kind of Disney movie? Well, it's not. But still it's absolutely awesome <3

Did you like this post? What movies would you recommend for other lolitas? Please write me a comment!


  1. I don't like jokes in Kamikaze Girls~ I think they are stupid. However, I have seen that movie many times! =D

    I'm glad glad that you want to visit place where I am from

    1. Oh, I've actually never forced myself to watch it until the end. The last scene I remember is where the two girls are in the restaurant maybe? But maybe one day I'll be able to do it xD
      Thanks ^^

  2. I loved Kamikaze Girls. Seeing Btssb on screen was a huge deal for me when I started lolita way back when.

    The movies I would suggest would be Marie Antoinette, Austenland, The Duchess and A Little Princess.

    I loved Anastasia growing up too though it isn't a Disney movie.