Angelic Pretty: Cosmic Series

Hello my dear readers! Today I had to write this post to share this new Angelic Pretty serie with you. I instantly fell in love with this design!

The name is "Cosmic series" :) According to the pictures and statements of some buyers, it has the same cut (and I would say it's also made of similar, if not the same material) as Dream Sky :)

The print is absolutely adorable!



Sailor one piece:



I love the design of the JSK! I'm afraid I will have to put it on my wishlist, because it's beautiful. I love the cut, the print and the colour combination! I like the most the sax and navy version.








And here are some coords examples!


So, what do you think about it? Do you like it? Which one do you like the most?


  1. Zrovna předchvilinkou jsem na tohle koukala. Ty tmavomodré JSK nebo aspoň tu sukni bych brala hned, jen by to chtělo větší výplatu.
    Můžu se aspoň utěšovat že by mi to stejně neslušelo a na tu cenu nemusím myslet XD

    1. To mi povidej XD Ja jsem rada, ze na e-shopu AP uz jsou vyprodane, aspon nebudu mit nejake mrneni utracet posledni zbytky vyplaty XD Ale jsou fakt krasne... Ta tmavomodra kombinace nejvic.

  2. I love the white sailor OP! It looks wonderful! *O*