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Hello my dear readers! I would like to introduce you my wishlist. You could see the list on my czech blog a few months ago, but I want to post it also here!

Angelic Pretty: Candy Sprinkle Set

This is from Angelic Pretty 2013/2014 Luckypack. I love the design <3 I think that salopette from this set would look nice on me! I also like the blouse from the special set, it's really lovely ~^_^~
I HAVE THE SALOPETTE! I'm still not sure if it's not too short and if I don't have too big boobs to wear it, but I'll write about it soon ~^_^~

Angelic Pretty: Jewelry Jelly OP

I can't decide which colour would be better for me (and I also can't decide which type of the dress, whether JSK or OP...) But I can see myself wearing it in some OTT sweet outfit <3

Angelic Pretty: Misty Sky JSK or OP or skirt


I love this serie! I like more the one piece and I think that the lavender, pink and sax colourway is the best <3 If I could have some Misty sky accessories I would be glad, but I'm afraid it's far from my price range, I'm not able to spend 50 USD on a bracelet...

Angelic Pretty: Dream Fantasy set

Again something from Angelic Pretty Luckypack. I have at home the bag and the socks in sax colourway, but I don't know whether I will be able to buy even the JSK. But maybe one day... <3

Krad Lanrete: Lost in Sea Blue


THIS IS ON THE WAY TO ME!I was really excited when I saw that Krad Lanrete is doing the re-release of this dress. I ordered the OP in light version, headdress and wristcuffs. The blouse was also nice but in the end I've decided not to buy it. It should arrive in summer, I can't wait to it!

Chess Story: Starry Night Angel skirt + accessories set

I would like the skirt in light colourway and with the accessories :)

Angelic Pretty: Sugary carnival JSK

If possible in sax or pink ~^_^~ I love the logo on on the bust, it looks really cute <3
I don't have the JSK, but I've managed to buy the onepiece for a very good price, so I'm happy with that!

Angelic Pretty: Day Dream Carnival OP or skirt

Bodyline shoes in red

I love those little strawberries on them. It would perfectly fit one of my skirt from Porcelain Doll...

Golden shoes
Probably only if I manage to obtain Day Dream Carnival.

Tea parties: lavender, pink (I have one but they are falling apart and I'm afraid they won't survive next few meetups), yellow
Heart buckle shoes in pink

Chiffon lolita/otome blouse in white

Lolita blouses: pink, yellow and lavender

Tights or overknee socks to match my dresses

Short pink coat for winter

Otome dresses, skirts and blouses for everyday wear (maybe some main pieces from Emily Temple Cute?)
I would like to have something simple and more mature than sweet lolita I usually wear but still feminine.

Ok, when I look at this, I won't be able to buy all those thing in centuries XD My part time job at McDonald's is really not that well paid :D But I hope I will be able to obtain at least few of these items <3 I've promised myself that I would have good grades in my final highschool exams, I will buy myself one of the more expensive dresses on this wishlist <3

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